Bulls Fans React to Making the Playoffs

Photo: “Bulls game” by Fuzzy Gerdes (CC 2.0)

The Chicago Bulls are in the playoffs as the 7th seed. But what are Bulls fans feeling heading in?

Disappointment. When an NBA team makes the playoffs, their fan base usually experiences a multitude of emotions: Elation, Excitement, Determination. But disappointment? It may seem out of place, but for many Chicago Bulls fans it’s the feeling that best epitomizes their emotions following another mediocre season.

“I have very little confidence in the Bulls this Playoffs,” says lifelong Bulls fan Hami Arain. “In my opinion the absolute ceiling of this team is the 2nd round.”

“I’m confident in the fact that they won’t go far. At this point they are such an inconsistent team and so up and down I don’t know what to expect,” said fellow fan Joe D’Amico.

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While fans of other lower seeded teams like Portland or Indiana may be looking forward to the chance to make a run in the postseason, it seems that Bulls fans are already prepping themselves for a letdown. But who’s to blame for this extreme lack of faith?

“Get rid of the obviously toxic front office. Gar-Pax have been given a lot of time and have not yielded anything of worth,” says Aziz Al Othman. “There is also no immediate concrete plan for the future.”

Blaming the coaching and management rather than the players seemed to be a common occurrence among Bulls fans.

The Bulls are in this limbo of just good enough to maybe make the playoffs but just dysfunctional enough to never win it all

“The Bulls need a flush. Clean out the front office, hire people who can lead, and let them just torch the roster and coaching staff,” said D’Amico. “Then they need to, and this is crucial, declare a rebuild. The Bulls are in this limbo of just good enough to maybe make the playoffs but just dysfunctional enough to never win it all.”

It’s true that for years now, the Bulls have fought off a rebuild in order to squeak out a few short low-seeded playoff appearances. For Gavriel Wilkins, host of The New 24, it’s all about money rather than the fans.

“They have to show the fans that they’re committed to winning again, as opposed to being an organization that only cares about upholding past traditions and its overall bottom line.”

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